The circle in the shade

Yesterday morning Laura was at work so Adam came over to our place to hang out. Josh was in the garden

doing his daylily thing…

whatever that is.

So Adam,

Nikki and Josie went out to sit in the shade of the fruit trees. The boys, who are not slaves to fashion, were there too,

climbing and having a good old time. At one point, Denton went out on a limb and couldn’t figure how to come back, so Nikki and Josie


went to his rescue.
The boys tried out a plum

that had fallen to the ground, but I’m not too sure

that it made a positive impression on Denton.

Josh joined the circle in the shade,

and so did Joel. And in that space of space and time, all was well

in everybody’s little world.

3 thoughts on “The circle in the shade

  1. These pictures are beautiful and this is my favorite one ever because it had everyone (except Laura) in it. I love love love the one on Nikki with Denton on her shoulders and Josie looking up at him like he’s lost his mind. And that last one of Josie is stunning!

  2. You do realize I’m gonna kill you for not cropping me out? Lol!
    When you have three sick kids and can’t remember the last time you slept, you don’t really care what you look like when you walk outside to enjoy the morning.
    Now the boys…yeah, they have their own sense of “style”. I had nothing to do with that. Lol!!!

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