North to Alaska

Three weeks from today I will be winging my way back to

Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula where, for the third time in a year

I’ll be staying at the Grouchy Old Woman Bed and Breakfast, not far from

the beautiful Cook Inlet.

This time I will not be traveling alone, which pleases me.

Joel and I will be making this little journey together.
So what are we going to do once we’re there? Specifically… I have no idea…yet. It will be good to be on Daniel’s lake again, hanging out with Mom and the gang. Hopefully, Mom will have some projects that we can help her with. There will also be time for adventure. After all, going to a place known as the last frontier does usher in a spirit of adventure. Someone said,”Without the spirit of adventure how can we continue to really be ourselves?” So, back to the question about what we’re going to be doing. I guess you can say that we’re going to just really be ourselves.

2 thoughts on “North to Alaska

  1. Susan, hope you and Joel have a great adventure. Just to let you know I am always looking for an adventure since I have retired. Anytime you need a buddy to go with you, let me know!

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