The maiden voyage

Monday I built the deck for my floating duck island, and yesterday I added the floatation devices, which I made out of PVC pipe. I had four pieces of four inch pipe,

and all I needed to do was cap each end.

After gluing on the caps,

I fastened the pipe to the bottom of the deck,

then leaned the deck up against a trailer. I had to ask for help to load it, because IT WAS HEAVY. It took three of us…Donna, her daughter Katie, and me.
Then I hauled it to the pond

with Katie following to make sure the thing didn’t fall off along the way.
Lyndsey, Katie’s friend, is here too,

and she helped unload the deck. Then Donna, Katie, Lyndsey and I shoved it out into the pond for its maiden voyage…and guess what?

The thing actually floated! Donna suggested that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for people to ride around on it, but for ducks it would be just fine.
By that time, we were all really hot, especially the girls, who came here from Buffalo, New York. So I took them to the creek.

They stayed in just long enough to cool off. To tell you the truth, I’m surprised that those girls even got in in the first place, knowing that they were sharing that same water with the yard long copperhead that jumped in just before they did.

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