Just let me know

Yesterday morning, I was at Inglewood Plantation

around the time that the sun was about to clear the pecan trees. I wanted to take a few pictures and really just enjoy the ambiance.

The girls went with me, which was a little atypical for that time of THEIR morning. But, we enjoyed puttering around and driving along the bayou with the windows rolled down.
The two of them arrived at my house Monday evening. They drove all the way from Buffalo, New York

in this little blue Smart Car which happens to be

smaller than my golf cart. After driving that far in that little car, sharing the creek with that snake seems like a piece of cake.
When we returned home, they did their thing and I did mine…which happened to be working on the duck deck. I attached a dog house to the top for shelter, and built a little ramp to make it easier for the ducks to get on the deck from the water.


I feel like it might be a little hot out on that deck, so I might have to consider some shade options.
I have a few ideas, but if you think of something, let me know.

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