Mommas have to brag

As many of you know, my oldest son, Josh, hybridizes daylilies and has a national display garden. He was recently featured in “The Daylily Journal”, a quarterly publication of the American Hemerocallis Society. I want to share the article with you, because ya know, Mommas just have to brag.




What do ya say?

Yesterday evening the boys were on the golf cart. Well, actually, we were all on the golf cart when Hudson announced that he was going to marry Haley Crane. And that would be no big deal, but Hudson is six and Haley is nineteen. Denton said, “Hudson, she’s going to be an old lady by the time you’re grown!” To which Hudson said, ” Don’t you remember what God told that old man and old lady in the Bible? He told them that they could have a baby when they were old, so I can have one too.” Then Denton said, “Hudson! They were blessed…and YOU are not blessed!”
So, what do ya say to that?