Riding in style

Now, about those girls from New York…

Katie graduated from the University of Buffalo, on Mother’s Day, with a degree in Medical and Physical Anthropology. The day that Joel and I return from Alaska, she leaves for India to participate in something called Operation Groundswell.

Lindsay has one more year at the same university before she earns her degree in Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis on museum studies. But until then, we get to have her here, because SHE GOT A SUMMER JOB!

She is working as a receptionist at Woodworth Family Medicine, which is a half mile from my house. And do you know what that means? That means that she can drive a golf cart to work, which if you remember, is larger than the vehicle that brought her here in the first place.
This morning I cleaned up one of the carts for her.

I even made it official by adding a license plate. All I have left to do is get one of those Duck Dynasty bobble-head dolls for the dash, and she’ll be riding to work in style.

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