Joy in my heart

Nikki and the kids

took us to the airport. I sat in the very back of the van with

Denton and Hudson, who had already taken their seats before I opened the door to squeeze in. When the door slid open, the first thing I noticed was Denton’s shoes.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened. Nikki didn’t notice till we got out at the airport.
Most of our day

was spent up here.
On our flight from Houston to Anchorage,

the guy to my right watched cartoon movies. The guy to my left,

who happens to be my husband, watched

The Incredibles. I did not care for the movie selections, so…

I watched this. It kept me posted on our altitude and speed, but moved pretty slow. That’s why I had to resort to other ways of keeping myself entertained.


I looked at the guy to my right

and, bless his heart, I could relate.
When the nose of that little white plane

finally crossed the Alaska line, I can’t fully express the joy, joy, joy, joy

I felt down in my heart.

4 thoughts on “Joy in my heart

  1. Have a wonderful time you too. Relax and have some fun. I think of ya’ll often, and hope to see ya’ll when I come for a visit in Aug. Love ya’ll, Darlene

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