Speaking of mosquitos

Wednesday morning, we left the

Grouchy Old Woman B & B long enough to take a walk along the beach. There were several people

out there camping, and some

were out playing with their dogs.
I decided to take my shoes off

and do a little wading.
When Joel saw what I was doing, he asked if the water was cold. I said, “It’s not bad.” Convinced that it was bad, he decided not to not to follow suit. I said, “Why would you come all this way and not walk in the water?” Do you know what he said? He said, “Susan, that’s like saying why would you come all this way and not work in the mosquitos.”
Speaking of mosquitos,

Mom, AKA The Grouchy Old Woman, had informed me that the mosquitos were unusually bad this year. I didn’t tell Joel, but the minute he got out of the car Monday night, I didn’t have to tell him. We went to town and got some Deep Woods Off, and yesterday we started to work in Mom’s garden.

Joel ran the tiller

and I pulled weeds. And we had a fabulous time…mosquitos and all.

One thought on “Speaking of mosquitos

  1. I’ve decided that we just think we have a problem with mosquitoes here in Louisiana. The ones I’ve dealt with in Washington state, South Dakota and Wisconsin are twice as big and show no mercy!

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