On our knees at the Methodist Church

When I come to Nikiski I go to the

the North Star United Methodist Church, not because I’m Methodist (I’m actually pedestrian), but because that is where Mom attends. It’s a very welcoming group of folks, and I loved them the first time I showed up there.
Today was work day

at North Star, and Mom was in charge of the front flower beds. So…Joel and I volunteered to help. We showed up at nine and left around two…and stayed on our knees most of the time.


And, we weren’t the only ones on our knees.

Nora worked with us, and we had great conversations. Her dog,

Echo, watched over our efforts.

We planted pansies and

and did some watering.
The weather was wonderful, with highs in the low sixties. And THAT will bring a girl from the South to her knees…even if it’s not work day.

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