The miracle of walking in the water and the miracle of the fish

When Joel and I were walking along that beach in Homer,

soaking up God’s creation, something unexpected caught my eye.

Joel was taking off his shoes, AND, he said that he was going to wade. He walked into

the ocean and I said, “We’ll, how is it?” “Not bad,” he replied. I said, “That’s what I told you yesterday and you wouldn’t get in.” “Well,” he replied, “I didn’t believe you yesterday. Now

hurry up and take my picture before it gets any colder.”
On our drive back to Nikiski, we made several stops to check out the sights.


We wound up at

this little river. We walked up to its edge, and as we stood there, something unexpected caught Joel’s eye. We weren’t able to get a very good picture, but the shadows that you see

are salmon swimming up stream. Wow, two miracles in the same day!

3 thoughts on “The miracle of walking in the water and the miracle of the fish

  1. So…did we have grilled salmon for supper? Looks just beautiful. Louisiana is not quite as hot as you left it…thank goodness.

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