The last ones were delicious

I mentioned the other day that the mosquitos are unusually bad this year in Alaska. So, when we went outside to work, we had to wear

long sleeves,

long pants,

something to cover our heads, and

LOTS of Deep Woods Off.
Now, we went to The Moose is Loose Bakery…more than we should have…but we didn’t notice this sign to the left of the store

until the day before we left to come home.
Evidentially no one else paid any attention to it either, because people were in

the hardware store buying

those bug zappers to beat the band. (I hope they worked and weren’t just some sort of racket.)
Anyway, we would have been eating those apple fritters, had we seen the sign. I don’t know if what that sign says is true, but it would have been a fun experiment.


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