Locked and loaded

You may recall that

this little girl from New York went to India.

This little girl from New York stayed home…our home to be exact. And that’s a good thing. We are enjoying the heck out of her, and are trying to figure some way to hold her hostage when summer comes to an end.
Since Lyndsey has been here, so have the wild hogs. We haven’t seen them, but we’ve seen what they’ve been up to.



In all their rooting around, they’ve come a little too close to the day lilies.
That girl from New York REALLY wants to see one of those hogs, so we’ve been going out…at night…locked and loaded.
Of course, we’ve NOT seen one hog. That’s good. Hopefully they’ve found another place to play. However,

the armadillos HAVE been in the lily garden. And, last night…

we found one of them. Bless his heart!