Always a place

That girl from Buffalo, New York,

the one that stayed here, has actually worked out pretty good for us. For one thing,

she has served as our chauffeur for the last month.
Besides that, she does laundry, washes dishes, empties the trash every day, and cleans out the refrigerator once a week. AND, she’s becoming quite the country girl…

retrieving eggs from underneath a setting hen,

taking care of the baby ducks,

and the little chicks. She’ll wade off into just about anything

to get the job done, and she’s learning to be

quite a cut-up.
We really hate to see her go.

As a matter of fact,

we are sort of in denial, and unable to make sense of why she would

do a thing like that.
She say’s she needs to finish school because

aims to work at the Smithsonian. But, if she changes her mind (or comes to her senses) there is always a place for her here at the Jaques Institute.

2 thoughts on “Always a place

  1. This makes me sad. I’m gonna miss her and I don’t really see her a lot…so I can only imagine y’all will be miserable when she leaves!

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