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The new year is just over a week old, and perhaps the idea of making resolutions has traveled across your brain. I’m not sure why, but I don’t really even like the phrase “new year’s resolution”. Maybe its because the very mention of it conjures up images of gym memberships and life without ice cream. New year’s resolutions always seem to revolve around something you need to do, or wish you would do, but are not really committed to making the necessary sacrifices to make it a reality…so it never becomes one.
That’s why I’m making a “New Years stuff I might like to try” list, thereby setting myself up more for fun than failure.
I haven’t completed my list yet, but so far, this is what I’ve got.
I would like to try

to teach Hudson and Denton to play marbles. Over the years I seem to have lost all mine, but thankfully you can purchase more.
I would like to try to learn the art of afternoon tea

and have tea parties with Josie.
I would like to try to have more picnics.


And, I would like to try to build a treehouse. It’s been at least forty years (or more) since my last one, and I think it’s time…don’t you?

2 thoughts on “My list

  1. So glad you’re back to blogging. Missed your interesting stories.
    I bet the treehouse will be great and your tea parties with Josie will make some more sweet memories.

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