All on a Thursday night

The twins have landed parts as dalmatian puppies in Lagniappe Theatre’s February production

of 101 Dalmatians. To audition, they had to sing and bark. Anyway, a few days ago they had to go to practice, so Josie came to my house.

To start off, she did a little work on the ipad, and then decided to interact with the cat

that was sitting on the back of the chair. That didn’t last long. I don’t know why,

but Josie must have received some bad vibes. So…she moved on

to finding her favorite music on my phone, followed by

practicing her duck calls.
Then she wanted to go in my bedroom and get on my bed. I gave her a flashlight and turned out the light. Josie followed the beam across the ceiling and walls, but soon decided she wanted me to make a tent with the sheet. So I did.

That lasted until she got the idea

to model my slippers and

put plastic cups on her feet.
But the thing that fascinated her the most

was an old

Pentax camera. We opened up the back, and she watched the shutter

open and close … until it was time for her to go home. Go figure.

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