Three days of winter

Last Sunday it rained in good ‘ol Woodworth, Louisiana. The rain was followed by some cool air, and for about three days it actually felt like winter. I was even able to wear my jacket

that I wore in Alaska last January.
The water left standing after the rain

turned to ice. Even the little pond in the back

rocked a thin sheet of the frozen stuff.
Matilda dared to step out

and break the ice so she could taste the water below.
Although it was cold, we were outside quite a bit.

With a new puppy, you go out a lot, no matter what the weather brings.
When I wasn’t out running laps around the property with Piper,

I was inside enjoying the fire…

and even doing a little cooking on the hearth. By the way, that’s a turkey breast, and it was pretty tasty.
Piper tried to be good

and most of the time

looked really innocent. But what you don’t know is, behind that sweet little face…

lies a toilet paper thief.

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