The mind is a dangerous thing

Our new dog, Piper,

is one of those high energy dogs. We knew that before we got him,

and that’s o.k., because having to keep up with him is good exercise.

Border Collies are herding dogs. It’s built into their DNA. Piper has herded poultry,

but the turkey

wound up herding him. Once,

he herded one of the goats back into the pen. He even tries to herd cats,

which is an impossible task no matter what you have in your DNA.
Currently, Piper is going to school so that he can learn some manners and learn to mind.
I told Donna that that when he gets a little older, I would like to have him trained as a therapy dog and take him to nursing homes.

She said, “What are ya’ll going to do…herd old people?” And that really jump-started my imagination.

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