Watching the snow melt

Since the temperature never rose above freezing on Friday, we still had snow on Saturday. I took the dogs for an early morning walk on the south side of the property. It wasn’t long before they got sidetracked rummaging for leftovers

in the spot, where on Thursday night, a rabbit had run right into the arms of Jesus.
It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky, and as morning gave way to mid day,


the snow had begun to melt. Until then, it was very strange to glance out the kitchen windows


and see white ground.
With the arrival of evening, most of the snow was gone, from the may haw orchard,


all the way back to the creek.


Snow is a novelty here, and swinging open the door to find an undisturbed blanket of the stuff is a beautiful sight. But I have discovered a couple of things during this rare Woodworth winter occurrence.

For one thing, two days with snow on the ground is sufficient for me. For the other thing, if you have to walk a quarter of a mile in the dark, over the meadow and through the woods so your dog can pee, the ground seems to show up a lot better when it’s covered with snow.