Thanks to global warming

There’s a lot of talk about global warming and it’s causes, from the burning of fossil fuels, to deforestation, to methane production by dairy cattle, and … anything in between. Now, if you’ve ever walked across a parking lot on a sunny July afternoon in the Deep South, you would probably add all the acres of concrete to that list of causes.
They say, that in addition to increased temperatures, droughts, fires, floods, and heat related disease, global warming could mean harsher winter weather , which we have certainly experienced over the past month.

First we had snow.

The next week we had sleet, which tends to get a little slippery. Trust me on that one.

Last week we had a little more snow, and this week

we had freezing rain.

Now, I really don’t know anything about global warming…or whether it be fiction. But, I guess it could be possible

that winter has come to Woodworth…thanks to global warming.

One thought on “Thanks to global warming

  1. Your property looks lovely under snow, and yep, it is global warming. Here we are in CA in our drought, and all the trees are starting to bloom. Not good.

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