Change of life baby

Many thanks for your kind words of condolence. I can still hear the sound

of Matilda’s slow and steady steps. She was calm, laid back, and never really got in a rush.

Piper…..not so much. But, he is every bit as sweet and eager to please.
Having Piper is like having one of those change of life babies. Everything is going your way, and you’ve settled into a routine. Then, because of a somewhat spontaneous decision,

you’re up at night and potty training. (Sometimes walking in the snow…uphill…both ways.)
You’re dealing with teething.

Thank goodness this is not my most recent pair…but a favorite.
In general,

you’re running yourself ragged. But you wouldn’t trade that baby for anything. Besides, it keeps you young. Or at least that’s what they say.
Last weekend, after what took place, Joel asked if I wanted another puppy just like Piper to keep Piper company. I looked at him and said, “Lord no!”.