Love that dog!

Perhaps you’ve seen us

out and about. Or maybe you’ve

passed us on the road. And if you haven’t, it’s possible that you will. I’m trying to expose Piper to as many sights, sounds and people as I can. ( You know…therapy dog in training.) He just hasn’t mastered the art of pretending he’s not so excited to see people.
So, today we went to Tractor Supply to practice his social skills,

and let him do a little shopping.
He must have anticipated that we would be going someplace, because when I called him to clip on his leash,

he was flossing his teeth. Love that dog!

One thought on “Love that dog!

  1. That Piper is a mess isn’t he.
    Out and about all the time. I never know where I’m going to run into you two or when. That boy loves to shop as much as my little girl does.
    Now as far as the flossing his teethe, that’s a GOOD one. Why you might just need to contact the flossing industry and get that boy a real job on TV.
    What a story that would be.

    Always waiting to hear more about that boy, Piper.


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