I’m not sure I remember

Yesterday evening Josie and I hung out while the rest of her bunch went to karate. We picked squash

and she helped me wash it,

and get it ready to bake.

We petted bunnies,

and sailed through the air in the pink swing.

And we drew horses on the chalk board.
Then, after she went home, I took a bath. Now, normally I wouldn’t mention such a thing. You see, we have four bathrooms, but only one of them has a tub. And it is gearing up to be remodeled…and can’t be used.
Soooo, I washed out this

galvanized tub and fixed it so I could have me a bath.

I ran some hot water in it…

and waited. Then, just as day was surrendering to night, I settled into the lavender infused, shoulder deep water, sipped an Italian cream soda, watched the flickering candle flames, and listened to a whippoorwill. I’m not sure I remember EVER enjoying a bath this much.

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