As Doris Day would say…

Last year two chicken nests were sufficient. But now, since I have more girls,

things have become a little crowded.
I’m not very well versed on the ins and outs of egg laying. I’m not sure if they sit there and work one up, or if it just hits them and they think, “Oh my, I’d better get to a nest”. If the latter is the case,

then these girls were in a bind.
I feel certain that this

is a result of one of them thinking ahead. She probably figured that if she could pull this off, then the next day she wouldn’t have to fight the crowd.
So, I hurriedly threw together additional nesting space. This one has no divisions, but I figured it would do the trick…I mean, it’s better than all that waiting in line.

Then, I’ll have time to work on a whole row of individual stalls…with a top. The trouble with a nest that has no top is that it doubles for a roost, and that leads to a mess.
But, as Doris Day would say:
Que sera sera
Whatever they do they do
You just have to scoop out the pooh
Que sera sera

4 thoughts on “As Doris Day would say…

  1. Oh my, you have such a gift.
    Who would have ever thought to bring Doris Day into a blog concerning hens laying there eggs.
    Too precious, I am always left with wanting to hear more.
    As usual, I loved it.

  2. You made the additions pretty quickly! I swear I’m going to hang around longer next time to see if I can “help” with any of this fun stuff! And the song-change just cracked me up!! (and it probably won’t get out of my head all day today)

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