That’s my boy!

Wednesday last, Piper, Nancy and I went on another field trip. As in the past,

we met at Tamp and Grind. The object was for Piper

to work on his social skills, a task which involved him sitting

and letting people pet him.

He actually did very well, but did not seem to understand why this nice lady didn’t pay him any mind

when she came back out of the coffee shop.
Next, we went to a senior living community called

Emeritus. This was a serious test for the boy, and I was a little nervous. It’s a good chance that the stars were all aligned for a whale of a Maalox moment, but Piper came through hands down…

on top of his head…

on the back of his head…

behind his ear…

over his eyes…

on each side of his face…

and under his chin. THAT’S MY BOY!

5 thoughts on “That’s my boy!

  1. Piper is such a good boy.
    I’m very proud of him and I know you surely are.
    It was such a joy to watch him with the elderly friends he made on our field trip the other day.
    There is nothing like watching those little sweet faces light up when he’s on the scene spreading his therapy that he does soo well.
    I guess you might say we were both proud to be with him.
    Another precious story.
    Waiting to hear more.


  2. Yeayy Piper!! Good boy!! I just love all those hands on him. I know it calms a person to pet a dog, but even looking at photos of Piper being touched and petted is calming!

    • There was one woman and one man who just couldn’t pet him enough.Emeritus has invited us back, so we will be there again Wednesday.

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