Another Dutch treat

Saturday before last, Engeline Tan showed up at our house.

When she shows up, she’s usually dragging a few more folks along with her. She’s kinda like a little Siamese cat that appears on your doorstep bearing gifts. Only Engeline is Chinese/Indonesian born in Holland and lives in Houston. The gifts are very nice and interesting people who are not from this country.
We met Engeline when she worked for Chevron. But now,

she’s a freelance photographer.
The last time she blew through,

she brought us Ad and Monique, two delightful individuals from Holland.
This time she brought two of her cousins…

Melonie, a neurologist in Leeuwarden, and

Lloyd, a student and musician from Delft.
Thank goodness they spoke English! (In addition to at least three other languages.)
Engeline had brought them to Louisiana to see New Orleans and the bayou country, and somehow we got put on the tour. I was glad. Engeline and her entourage are always fun … and full of information. For instance, did you know that Indonesian people

sit like this a lot? Yep. It’s real convenient…they just sit on their calves. Engeline said the only problem is that when you get older, sitting like that cuts your blood off. So, it’s probably better that I can’t do it.
The trio stayed the night.

Sunday morning, we enjoyed enjoyed a late breakfast together, and were able to get in a little more visiting before

they had to head back to Houston.
Engeline has a thing for fresh eggs,

so we sent a few home with her…..and asked to be included on their next tour.

2 thoughts on “Another Dutch treat

  1. She is soo cute.
    I wish I had been able to meet them all.
    There really is never a dull moment at your house is it.
    Well as always, can’t wait to hear more.
    Would love to meet her on her next tour thru.

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