Watching it well done

Pat Garrett was asked if he was nervous when he shot and killed Billy the Kid in the dark. “No,” he answered. “A fellow with nerves wouldn’t last long in the business I’m in.”
As far as I’m concerned,

that goes for the hog hunting business also.

But Phil…well, he’s kinda like Pat Garrett. He’s been following pig trails and trying to get in the heads of those ‘nosy’ nighttime share croppers.

Then, he catches them in snares and hauls them out one at a time.
We got to watch Phil work his magic the other day.

He gets a hold of those things, throws them, kneels down on them,

hobbles them so they can’t walk, and carries them to the truck.

The whole process was worth watching…from afar of course. And the one who got the biggest kick out of watching that ‘nassy pig’ get what was coming to it was

the girl next door.

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