How many does it take?

Last summer, when that girl from New York was here, I got some baby ducks, and when they were big enough, we put them in the pond. Well, some flew away, others became midnight snacks, and this continued until there was just one left.
So Saturday, Joel, Lyndsey, and I went to the feed store to get a new batch.

The nice young lady picked out ten mallards and put them in a box for our trip home.
While she was doing that, Lyndsey was eyeballing the quail. So I thought, “What the heck” and asked that nice young lady to box some up for us.

She got a bigger box, and commenced catching the quail. But the deal was that the quail would jump out of the box before she could close the flaps.

She needed some assistance…and then some more. Sooooooo, how many people does it take to put quail in a cardboard box and keep them from jumping out? …… THREE…

a Cajun, a Redneck and a Yankee.

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