Just for evidence

The boys spent most of the day with us on the fourth. A lot of the time we were outside, and that was possible because it was cooler, with very little humidity.
Joel pulled up corn stalks

and put them in the front end loader to take to the goats, while Hudson and Denton

played in the bean tunnel.
That went on for a while, then Denton suggested that we visit the story tree.

This time we brought some books. Denton read a while,

and I read a while. And then,

we just visited and enjoyed the nice weather.
I had my camera with me and Denton decided that he wanted to take some pictures, so

I showed him how to hold the thing, gave him a few pointers on composition, and away he went.

For the most part, he did pretty good.

He alternated between taking pictures of Hudson and taking pictures of objects.
And finally, because he is seven, and a boy, he took several shots

of hog poop…for evidence that hogs had been on our property…like we needed more proof to support that theory.

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