Masters of life

Mornings like this

always remind me of Mamaw and Papaw Simmons. The busiest part of their day was between daylight and lunch (which they ate about 10:30). They had both worked for a living as school teachers, but when they retired, they lived for a living. As a young child, I was fascinated by the rhythm and rhyme of their daily routine.
Mamaw and Papaw stayed busy…but not like we do today. They seemed to know just how much was enough. Then they shut everything down and sat on the porch until the mosquitos got bad.
Being an artist, I am aware of how the expressive content, or the message of a work of art is affected by how well certain design principles are executed. These principles are balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis and unity. Mamaw and Papaw Simmons were artists who had a command of these principles. They didn’t draw or paint or sculpt. Their medium was life…and they were masters.

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