How to pass a chicken

Don’t worry, it’s not what you might think. Friday Nancy and I went to the T.R.E.E. House to be a part of their Vet Camp.

Actually, they invited Nancy. She invited Piper and me. Then I volunteered to bring some chickens.

I brought two hens and some chicks. They liked the hens, but they REALLY liked the chicks. The only problem was that there were about twenty-five campers and only five chicks. Sooo… I had the boys and girls sit in a circle. Then I handed a chick to five children equally spaced around that circle.

I told them that when I gave the signal, they were to pass the thing to the person on their right. This went on until everyone in the circle had a chance to hold a chick.




I can’t speak for the chicks, but that circle of campers had a ball. So, incase you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to pass a chicken…this method works pretty well…just sayin’.

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