As always

Lyndsey was interested in seeing the Walker sisters’ cabin, so Thursday afternoon

we made the 1.7 mile hike from Metcalf Bottoms to their home place.

Joel and I have been there several times and have favorite places

to rest once we arrive.

John and Margaret Walker reared four boys and seven girls there. Six of the sisters,

four of which are pictured here, lived their entire lives in the three room house. There were two rooms downstairs,

and one upstairs…well, up the ladder,

that had one little window next to the chimney.
Then, Friday afternoon, we visited the cemetery not far from our cabin, where they were laid to rest

along with their parents. As always, there was a little flower by each grave.

One thought on “As always

  1. I cannot imagine living with my sisters all my life in a 3 room house. We would have been put in that cemetery at a much younger age!

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