Even if you’re one

Two days after Payton returned from his first   

Smokey Mountain trip (his favorite part was the big tub with the 
mirror in their cabin) he turned one.  
And…there was a party…complete with a chart 

that answered most things you might want to know about him.  

In keeping with his alligator theme,

his Grams made goodies 


that kept the guests chomping.  Not only did they look good…

they WERE good.  

Then…Payton dug into his very own cake…while wearing just his diaper, cause green icing doesn’t agree with a white shirt.

It was a good time.  And later, after all the guests had gone their separate ways, Adam built a fire, and he and Payton watched it burn.

All is well that ends well.  Even if you’re one. 

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