Who’s your man?

For the past nine years, Joel and I have been grandparents.  And, the grandchildren have called us Mammy and Papa. But there’s always one

that walks to a different beat. For us, that would be Josie.  For the last couple of months,

she has called us Joel and Susan, which sounds really funny coming from a little girl in her mid threes.

Not long ago, she was at our house. The two of us were alone on the porch.  In the best grown-up voice and posture she could conjure up, Josie initiated this conversation:

Josie – “So, you’re Susan, right?”

Me – “Yes.”

Josie – “And who’s your man?”

Me – “Joel.”

Josie – “Joel, that’s right, Joel.”

I never cracked a smile, because I was trying to be grown-up too.

Then, last week, she was admiring my ring.

She said, “I love your ring.”  I thanked her and told her that it was my wedding ring. Then I said, “You know…Im married to Joel.”

With a bewildered look on her face she said, “Oh.  That’s so sad.” 

That time I didn’t keep a straight face.

3 thoughts on “Who’s your man?

  1. You know I have been fascinated by the boys since day one…since the day she arrived I knew she was going to be something extra special and I hope she has all of your special qualities.. Love it, love it.

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