Just hot enough

We usually visit the Smokies in the winter after the leaves have fallen.  Then you can see what the mountains really look like and better locate places you want to explore.  Besides, we don’t do hot.

Right now, the trees have leafed out, and the hills are alive with poison ivy … so no getting off the beaten path for me.

The wildflowers are beautiful

and abundant. Everywhere you go in the park there are butterflies and

all sorts of interesting insects…not to mention at least one

three and a half foot shiny black snake.

The woods truly are lovely.

The skies have been breathtaking.

And… it’s been just hot enough

 to cool your heels in a mountain stream.

2 thoughts on “Just hot enough

  1. And the dog doesn’t share poison Ivy with you???
    It looks beautiful! The flowers and the butterflies make me wish them here.
    Enjoy for the rest of us.

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