Everything that glitters

It starts with a blank canvas 

and paint squirted neatly in styrofoam to-go plates. And then…

the unexpected happens.  Well, it only happened once, and now I know what to expect…and that’s okay, because it’s Mammy Camp.  It’s a learning experience for us all.  They learn freedom of artistic expression, and I learn that

some tend to be a neater that others.

I’ve seen how happy it makes them to just be themselves, and the thrill they get from mixing paint and making new colors.  

And…Ive learned that the best way to get them to the hose

is to roll them out of the house on a dolly.  

Sometimes the girls glue and glitter.  We don’t do this very often because

I’ve learned that everything that glitters 

is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to clean up.

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