I see the train a comin’

Payton LOVES trains.

He plays with them at home, and he plays with them at our house, and if I’m not mistaken, he plays with them when he goes to see Grams and Pawpaw.

Sometimes, when he comes to Mammy Camp, we take a ride down to the track,

and he plays with them there.

Today was Mammy Camp day, and the first thing we did was to visit the track.  Only this time, 

we saw lights to the north.  So we got off of the track and waited.  It took a few minutes,

but Payton was not disappointed.  The engineer even waved!  

The train was long, and he loved watching each passing car.

We stayed for almost an hour.

I held him up, and he checked out that dinging thing with the flashing lights.  

We walked,

we sat,

we rummaged through the scrap iron.

He was excited that the last thing he came across

was a tunnel.

But between the train and the tunnel find, he stood by the track looking at the north end of that southbound train and said,

“Payton saaaawww the train.”

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