Back in Tennessee

Yesterday, we rolled into Wears Valley, Tennessee to enjoy the scenery and the people for a week.  We are staying in a cabin that we’ve not stayed in before.  Its small…with only one bedroom…and pet friendly.  (We wanted to bring Piper this time.)

The front yard is perfect for him to chase frisbees.

This morning we headed up to Newfound Gap to see if there was any snow left over from the weather that blew through here over the weekend.  And there was.  

The drive up the mountain was beautiful,


and we stopped several times to walk around


and to admire the icesickles.  

It was 23 degrees at Newfound Gap,



and the sky was a gorgeous  blue.

As we walked around, Piper took it upon himself to be

the “parking lot greeter”.

We stopped once on the way down the mountain for me to take a photograph …which I never got.  You see, on my way down a little embankment, I took a step and sunk up to my rear in snow.  When I finally climbed out of that, Joel asked, “Do you want to stop at another place?”  I said, “Nope, I’m over it.  Let’s go.”

Always be a princess

Josie is all about everything princess.  As a matter of fact, she probably owns costumes for every princess whose maiden name is Disney.  Besides that, I think she met most of them last month in Florida.

AND…had an appointment at what she calls the 

Bibby Bobby Tique…otherwise known as the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique…


where she had a Tinker Bell makeover.

Before all that, Josh’s bunch joined us in Tennessee.  One night after her bath, Josie crawled into my bed and said, “Mammy, smell my breath.  It smells like a princess.”  I didn’t know it at the time, but she had just brushed her teeth with a Cinderella toothbrush.  So, it stood to reason that her breath would smell like a princess.

The next day we all went sightseeing. I happened to snap a picture of Josie and Josh on the trail above The Sinks.  When I looked at the image on my phone, I noticed

a purple light shining down on Josie.  For a brief moment I thought, “Good grief, she really is a princess”. 

But, whether that meant that she REALLY IS a princess, or whether it was just the way the light was shining,

she’ll always be a princess to me…no matter what her breath smells like.