Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Yesterday our family got together for lunch and to exchange gifts.

We had sandwiches and French-fries


cut into holiday shapes.

After we ate, we opened gifts. Hudson and Denton went first because we all figured that the whole gift exchange experience would be more pleasant that way.

One of their gifts included gardening tools and a wheelbarrow, which came unassembled.

While the boys were outside trying out their new tools, Adam and Laura put the wheelbarrow together. Then came the test. You see, there was only one wheelbarrow, which meant they would have to share. (You know what’s coming, don’t you?)


Denton got his turn first.


Then it came time to swap,


which made Denton so mad that he jumped up and down


till his pants fell off.

Orange gravy is for big people

Last Friday the boys turned three years old. But, like someone once said, “Don’t you know that three is the new two?” I think that perhaps they were right.


This morning they came over, and since it was raining, they watched a little television.

Last night I taped off a section of one of the laundry room walls and painted it with chalkboard paint.

So, while they were here, they did a little chalk drawing.


Denton was so pleased with his work that he took a picture of it. And, bless their little hearts,


they even drew a chicken!

When it came time for lunch, I fixed them some rice with a red gravy.

Hudson ate his. But Denton said,


“I don’t like orange gravy, o.k. Orange gravy is for big people, not for little people. I’m not going to eat it.”

“I don’t like orange gravy, I only like white.” Guess what…he didn’t have lunch.

Winter wonderland

We woke up this morning to a snow covered landscape and twenty nine degrees. It was a little cool, but very beautiful. I think that our mayhaw orchard was most spectacular…and that’s where we went to play.

Denton and Joel came to the house to get me, which caused the boys to be separated for a good five minutes.

But you would have thought it had been days.

Hudson and Denton worked at making a snowman

who wasn’t much interested in cooperating with them.

As usual, Nikki took a lot of pictures.

There was golf cart riding

and, of course, texting. I think everyone had a ball…

even Matilda.

Seventy years in the making, four days in the taking

They’ve been here as long as I can remember, standing guard on either side of the driveway. I feared that someday they would have to go, but hoped that day would never come. On moonlit nights their shadows looked like huge abstract drawings in the dirt. They helped define our yard and served as somewhat of ascreen between our house and passers by. They gave shade and southern charm.

Then, on Sunday, it happened. One of them split and crashed into the other and I knew the time had come. So, Monday morning I made the call that I had been dreading. It was less painful than I thought it would be. On Tuesday, some nice men came with a lot of equipment.

They hung around ,


and made an even bigger mess…one that took them four days to clean up.

They did a good job. I just hope that the one that almost cut off his ear is o.k.

Back on line

Well, it finally got cold. As a matter of fact, at this very moment it is snowing, and that doesn’t happen too often in central Louisiana. Yesterday, when the twins came over, we hung out inside. I hate to admit it, but on inside days, the electronic babysitter is usually a big help.

Anyhow, Papa likes the same shows that they do.


Hudson did a little construction work.


Denton had some cinnamon toast.


I made some cookies and Hudson licked the spoon.


They both did a little paperwork.


Hudson and Mawmaw did a little research on dinosaurs.


Denton got into the play-doh.


And Cocoa Meow couldn’t have cared less what they did.