It doesn’t depend on the weather

The other day, when it was sixty-three degrees outside, I said to Joel, “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas.”  Now, I know better than to gauge the arrival of the Christmas season by the weather…especially in Louisiana.  And I know better than to hinge reality on a feeling.  But knowing something doesn’t necessarily mean that you practice it, right?  That’s why, for the past few years, I’ve either read or listened to Rick Warren’s The Purpose of Christmas.


It’s a wonderful little book, a quick read, and I highly recommend it.

Warren tells us that Christmas really is the best news we could get, regardless of our background, religion, problems, or circumstances.  He sites Luke 2:10 which says, “I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.”  Then he shares that Christmas is worth celebrating for three reasons:  It’s personal – I bring YOU, it’s positive – GOOD news of great joy, and it’s universal – for ALL the people.

Warren reminds us that the whole reason for Christmas is God’s love, and that it is not only a time for celebration, but for salvation and reconciliation as well.  This little book prompts me to acknowledge that Christmas has nothing to do with a feeling, but a reality that I must choose whether or not to accept.  AND…it doesn’t depend on the weather.

Saturday morning at the “Barn”

This morning Kerry and I decided to drive over to Inglewood Plantation (about ten miles from my house) and check out their Harvest Market.  We had never been before. I knew where Inglewood was located,


but, I had no idea where to find their Harvest Barn.  We drove past the house and stopped at The Saxon Guild,


(also part of Inglewood) run by Joel and Bob Smith.  I knew that Joel was there and that he would know where to direct us…and he did.  As a matter of fact, we were almost there.


He told us to look for the orange Allis Chalmer Tractor and


that’s where we’d find the barn.


The produce was beautiful. There were also fruit trees for sale, and


Thomson Grazers was there with their grass -fed beef.  While we were shopping,


our friend Judy walked up.  We had a good time shopping and visiting together.


If you live in central Louisiana, and have not visited the Harvest Barn at Inglewood Plantation, I highly recommend that you do. It is located at 6233 Old Baton Rouge Highway.  They are open from 3-7 pm on Tuesdays and 9 am-6 pm on Saturdays.

Next Saturday, from 1-5 pm, they will be having Christmas at Inglewood.  There will be caroling, live Christmas music, hay rides, plus more produce vendors.  We’re going and have invited the twins.  So, stay tuned!

Sure wish I’d known

Today Joel had to go to Lowes to pick up some tin that he had ordered. I went with him and so did the twins.  Hudson found a penny in the back seat and of course, Denton had to have one too.  So Joel and I dug around in the front for loose change.

photo (17)

Denton wound up with a quarter, a dime and a penny.

photo (16)

Hudson wound up with a quarter, a nickel and a penny.  I helped them to add up their change.  Hudson didn’t like it that Denton had five more cents than he did, but I assured him that his nickel was much larger in size than Denton’s dime and that seemed to make him happy.

Then Hudson said, “Is this a quartiger?” “A what?”, I asked.  “A quartiger.” I looked and said, “No, that’s a picture of a bear on your quarter.” Then he noticed that the bear had a fish in it’s mouth. I said, “Let me look at your quarter and see which state it represents.” I told him that it represented the state of Alaska.  Excitedly, he said, “Wow, this quarter is worth Alaska! I’m going to Alaska!”

As you know, in seven weeks I will be in Alaska.  I bought my plane ticket in October. I sure wish I had known about that quarter back then!