The sky didn’t lie

Well, the sky didn’t lie. It has been a beautiful day. I helped some friends the first part of the day and then had to make arrangements for Abraham and Sara to be moved to the barn for the length of our vacation.

I suspect that they won’t be happy about their temporary home since they are not used to being confined to a cage. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. Right?

This will be their home away from home…nine square feet of prime real estate that faces their three children that they don’t know they have.

There is, however, a striking resemblance.


As I was wandering around getting things ready, Nikki drove up with the twins,

who for some reason, had been sentenced to spend the day in mismatched pajamas and dress shoes. They didn’t seem to care.


Then, right after they had a bath, Hudson stepped on a glue trap.

It is my understanding that GOO GONE is the only thing that will remedy that situation.

It WAS a beautiful day…the last day of my favorite month of the year. But, as the moon rises over the hen house, another October slips into the eternities.

Not much happening

Yesterday Josh’s roses finally arrived. He had to unpack them immediately, so

Hudson and Denton hung out on the porch until he got finished.

After they left, I spread rye grass seed in the goat yard and the chicken/rabbit/duck yard. Hopefully, by the time we return from vacation the seeds will have taken root…that is if it didn’t wash away, because today

it is raining. It has also turned a good bit cooler. I’m glad about that.

Cocoa found her a nice warm spot and stayed there. I think that she had more sense than any of us.

From the looks of things tomorrow should be a nice day. You know…red sky at night sailor’s delight.

My bags aren’t packed, but I’m ready to go

One week from today we will arrive at the Smokey Mountains. I can’t wait. When I’m there, it’s as if I’ve travelled back to a simpler time; not easier, just simpler. One trip to Cades Cove can launch unlimited mental journeys. I think it’s my favorite place in the park. I like it best when the tourist season is over and we are the only visitors. I know this is selfish, but I hope that by the time we arrive, all the other tourists will have gone home. As a matter of fact, I like to pretend that, for a week, we are residents.

But, before I become a week long resident of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, I have to make provisions for what I am leaving behind. When you’ve got goats and chickens and turkeys and ducks and rabbits and a dog and cat, you don’t just up and leave. Joel’s sister will be here to keep Georgie company and feed and water the animals. I decided it would probably be a thoughtful gesture to have the outside animals all located near the same place…the barn. This would make taking care of them much easier.

Soooooo…I went to Home Depot and bought three 2×4’s, some chain and screw eyes. This is what I came up with.

Pretty cool huh? I have a few more animals to move, but it’s almost dark. And, after all, tomorrow is another day.

A space in time

It is rare to have people from four continents visit you at the same time. At least, it’s rare for us. I feel honored that God chose our place for them to experience an American picnic. About one third of them spoke no English (just Chinese), and most of the rest of them spoke very little English (mostly Portuguese). But it wasn’t awkward. You don’t have to speak someone’s language to enjoy them.

Doran taught some of the Chinese to play bocce ball.

Americans, Angolans and Chinese enjoyed a game of volley ball.


Joel shared his grill with Geoffrey, who is from the northern part of England.

Matilda, who spoke everyone’s language, perused the place in search of unwanted food.

Joyce and Doran tossed horseshoes.

In the book of Acts, Paul talks about how God chooses the time period and the place that each individual lives. But, on October 24, 2009, He created a space in time when people from around the world came to our house. I don’t think it was by chance, but by divine design. I like what Christian Maynell said. “But, oh, what I might learn should I dare to look from God’s view …”

And there were at the same picnic…

And there were at the same picnic parents and grandparents keeping watch over their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. (to the best of their ability)

Roy introduced Collin to Jack.


Denton and Hudson had fun trying to keep up with Sara.

Sara showed Matt how fun it was to ride the tire swing.

I held Collin, Collin petted Sassafras and Sara petted Collin.

Sara taught William the ins and outs of sand castle building.

The twins were held hostage beneath an oak tree to have their picture taken…


and taken…

and taken…

and taken some more.


Then they discovered “Joel’s Mama”, who had been inside with the twins while they were napping…

which led to another hostage situation.

Chinese, Angolans and British, oh my!

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Actually, we didn’t even have to say it. Volley ball, soccer, badminton, cards, washer toss, bocce ball and the list goes on.

There were some that cooked….

some that watched….


some that danced….

some that squatted and wrote in the dirt a lot….

some that chilled out….



some that walked….

and one that walked w-a-y too far. As a matter of fact, he was picked up by the police for wandering around in a neighbor’s yard taking pictures. You know, life is never boring.

Preparing for the invasion

Tomorrow, there will be people at our house from four different continents; North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. A world’s fair of sorts, right here in Woodworth, Louisiana.

The tent has been set up,


the porta potties delivered, and I’ve spruced up around the barn a bit. I even planted a Confederate Rose in the chicken/duck/rabbit pen.

People from that far out of town usually take pictures of EVERYTHING

We did all we could do until tomorrow, so we wound down around a fire and had hot dogs.

Joel and Hudson performed The B-I-B-L-E.

Denton was kinda just laid-back.

Matilda and Porter waited patiently for someone to spill their food.

Raining cats and goats and chickens and…

When we wake up in the morning, we are supposed to have blue skies and 46 degrees. But today……we’ve got rain.

The only ones who really enjoyed it were the ducks, and maybe

Cocoa Meow. She found a comfortable spot near the kitchen where

Joel was cooking a gumbo for tonight. As for the rest of the crew, I think they were just happy to see me show up with feed.

Pogo and Shadow acted like they hadn’t eaten in a month.


The Blue Slate Turkeys ate as a family.

Maybelline and Magic ate with the Malaysian Seramas. Kinda corny huh?


Tonight I drew my bath water – like normal. Then I put my left foot in and immediately took my left foot out and shook it all about. Somebody had been adjusting knobs on the hot water heater again. HUDSON! He’s the only one that ever fools with those things. I believe I blistered my foot. When I checked the hot water heater, it was set on “very hot”. And that is putting it mildly.


Tractor Supply is my new favorite store. You don’t have to have a tractor or a farm to shop there. For instance, I picked up a little something there to get me through the cold, windy months ahead.

I’m thinking that it sure beats the kind you collect from the coop. Sometimes there’s more in there than just chicken poop.

Some days are diamond, some days are…

This is my “study buddy”, Cocoa Meow. I spend a lot of time in my Library and she is more than happy to keep me company. As a matter of fact, when I’m not on the computer, she is…literally. I think it gives her a warm feeling.

The twins were here this morning. Their noses are kinda runny, so we stayed inside. They are very busy little people, however they’re not busy at one thing for very long. Sooooooo, needless to say, they can take care of a lot of business in the six hours that I have them. Denton joined Adam at the piano for a duet.

Hudson got into my sticky tabs, which kept him busy for a while.


Matilda had had enough, so she relaxed with a peppermint that she had found.

It wasn’t long before the boys started hitting each other with some toys. So I confiscated the toys. That sure made them mad.

I told them that I would just take their picture and post it on my blog for all the world to see. When Denton saw the picture, I said, “Now that doesn’t look very pretty does it?” He replied, “Nooo, it’s bad.”