September 27,2009


While Joel was taking our Chinese friends back to the training center, I decided to have a nice hot candlelight bath. I turned on the water and set out to get my candles. I got the big candle and lit it. Joel had given me a wooden candle tray that holds eight tea candles. When I went to retrieve it, I noticed that all the wicks had been broken off. It looked like the work of ………HUDSON.



Well, that was alright. One big candle would do the trick. I decided to put the last of my tranquil mint stress relief oil in my water and discovered that my water was COLD. Somebody had been adjusting the knobs on the hot water heater…HUDSON. This was not the first time. It’s as if he just can’t help himself. So, I had to wait until the water heated back up. Kinda blew the whole mood. I needed enough hot water to heat up the cold water I had already drawn. There was no way that I was draining the existing water. It contained the last of my tranquil mint stress relief oil.



September 26, 2009

Today Joel went to Lafayette and picked up five of the Chinese students and brought them home to spend the day and cook lunch. They have chosen American names for themselves because no one would ever be able to remember their Chinese names. The ones who came were Jack, Sam, Thomas, Joyce and Amy. Jack is the only one that speaks English.


This is Joyce holding Abraham.

Walking in the woods behind Adam’s.


Joyce and Amy pose on Adam’s porch swing.


Sam, Jack and Thomas try the muscadines.


The group gets golf cart driving instructions.


Around eleven o’clock, we came in and they started preparing lunch. That took a while because everything was cut to perfection.

They set the table and we dug in. The food was delicious …a little hot, but delicious.

A little golf cart fun after lunch.



Good-bye until October 10.

September 24, 2009


This morning we took the boys for a walk on the Azalea Trail. They had a great time and didn’t want to come back to “the Mammy house.”



Along the way we stopped to show them wildflowers, mushrooms, and animal tracks. They were always on the lookout for the yellow paint on the trees that mark the trail. The mosquitoes were out and about searching for breakfast, but hopefully it will soon cool off and they won’t be a problem. Mrs. Patti said that six weeks after those red spider lilies bloom we will have a frost. That should put us having a frost about the last week in October.


As my favorite Frost, Robert, would have put it; the woods were lovely, dark and deep, but we had promises to keep and miles to go before we would sleep. So…we had to come back home.