Curiosity and hindsight

I’ve always been told that curiosity killed the cat, and I suppose that HAS happened.  But from my experience, curiosity makes me laugh…especially when it’s someone else’s.

For instance, a couple of weeks ago I took four of my grandchildren to the park.  After they had played a while, we decided to go across the street and visit

the Memorial to the Unknown Sasquatch (that’s what I call it).  The children were curious, not to mention fascinated by its lifelike appearance…especially when they walked around to the back…

where they discovered that ‘hindsight is funny, funny’.  That is all except Ellie, who, though curious, wasn’t sure anything about the whole situation was funny…which was funny.

Then there’s Payton, 

my two year old farmer. He and Adam, Laura and Parker were visiting one evening.  We had taken him into the pasture to visit the horse and the goats.  Paton was standing behind Willow, who had just heard nature call.

Overcome by curiosity, Payton squatted down to see where the water was coming from.  For those of us watching, hindsight was, you guessed it, funny, funny. 

Payton stood up and took a step closer. Immediately Laura said, “No Payton!  Don’t push that button”!