It’s still scary

It would be hard to imagine life without cell phones, computers, digital photography and all the stuff that makes things convenient and allows you to have the world at your fingertips. Technology is a wonderful thing, but it’s a little scary too. 

For instance, this morning I looked on my phone to go through some pictures that I had taken earlier. I happened to notice that there were eighty four pictures and videos from yesterday that I had not taken…in a house that I had not visited.  Most all of them were blurry.  

There were pictures of Denton on the couch, and

Josh and Nikki on the couch, and

Ellie jumping on the couch.

There were pictures of children fighting, and there were even nine pictures

of Hudson’s naval.

I had no clue how those things got on my phone…or even how my phone traveled to their house and back to mine. To me, this was an even bigger mystery than in October 2015 when all the buckeyes on one of my trees vanished overnight.  Except this time…the mystery has been solved.

You see, a few days back, I gave Josh my old iPad.  His children noticed it and decided to use it to entertain themselves on a misty Sunday afternoon.  Then, all eighty four of those pictures floated across the yard on that cloud thing and made their way into my phone…unbeknownst to any of us. 

I think Nikki fixed it so it won’t happen again…but it’s still scary…just sayin’.

The perfect storm

Mammy Camp is going great!  Payton loves the park, 

but I’ve discovered that if you give the boy a barn, a feed barrel and

a chicken coop, he will be entertained for at least an hour. He’s a very busy little guy!

The girls, being princesses and all,

are a different kind of busy. 

Last Friday, after a trip to the park and then to the store to get some Skittles, I decided to put up my hammock for them. Everything seemed to be going my way.

I had a chair and a bottle of water. They were in the hammock…

laughing and having a fabulous time.  All I had to do was sit there and swing them.  

But somebody had guzzled down coffee milk at breakfast and then ate half a bag of Skittles.  That, combined with swinging in the polka dot parachute, created the perfect storm. 

I guess you know she threw up in my hammock.  

Chick wagon

We have an old tracking wagon that we weren’t using for anything, so I decided that it would make a good portable chicken house.  We finally got it finished, and yesterday Joel’s brother, Marc,

backed it out of the shop and moved it down by the barn.  Of course Hudson and Denton made the trip locked inside.

The thing resembles a covered wagon, and is complete with a roost, nests and a removable ramp.

The chickens were a bit curious, but had no clue that, come dark, they would be swept off their familiar roost and locked in that ‘chick wagon’.

At the appropriate time, the twins and I went down to the barn with a flashlight for the surprise move. I ended up manning the gate on the wagon while the boys caught and transported the chickens.  They had named the bloomin’ things and for the life of me I don’t know how they tell them apart. They would go in with the light and say, “There’s Pecky. That’s Fat Cheeks. Hey there’s Jedi.” ……And on and on. Finally I said, “It doesn’t matter who’s who.  Just catch ’em and come on.”

After the wagon was loaded, we moved it to a fenced in area, which is now their new neighborhood.  Of course we got stuck, but Joel pushed us out with the tractor.

Then, we left them to settle in.  This morning I let them out and

it was business as usual. They even layed eggs in the new nest.  

As it was nearing sundown, things seemed to be shaping up pretty well.

One at time, the chickens began heading to bed in their new quarters.  

But, when I went out after dark, ten chickens and Fasma, the turkey, (I didn’t know that was her name til today) were camped out by the water trough next to the fence.  So…I scooped them up and carried them to the wagon.  It took six trips, but I got ‘er done.  And…I am just hoping beyond all hope, that this doesn’t become my new nightly routine.