Just goes to show you

Today was one of those nasty, rainy days, so when Paton came to play, I really wasn’t sure whether or not we would be able to do the things outside that he enjoys.

But, after about thirty minutes, the rain stopped, and we headed out so he could drive the mower and work in the barn.

Lyndsey was out checking for eggs, so when we pulled up to the barn, she handed one to Payton.

He carried that egg from one chicken pen to another, stopping now and again to hold it with both hands as if it were some sort of treasure.

Then he discovered another egg…one for each hand.

Very carefully he would tap them together and smile.  

But, before long, he broke the second egg,

so we let the chickens eat it.

He never let go of that first egg,

and he continued with his work holding it tightly in his left hand.

He still had the thing when we walked back up to the house where he spied a little blue truck…

the perfect thing to continue his ‘eggventure’.

He pushed the truck around being careful to catch the egg when it rolled down the tailgate.

He he carried the truck and the egg to the shed where we park the golf carts.  And then, just like that, he was done with them both.

He hopped onto the back of one of the carts and said, “Ride down the hill”.  So we did.

We left egg in the back of that little blue truck, and you know what?  That egg didn’t even have so much as a crack.

And that just goes to show you…miracles REALLY DO happen.