Plenty of adventures to be had

Payton has started coming to “Mammy Camp”, and it’s  amazing how much a two year old can accomplish in two hours, not to mention how much ground can be covered. 

He LOVES to be outside, so that’s where we mostly stay.  

We hike and climb hills.

The only thing is, when he reaches the top, he’s ready to go back down and start another adventure. And…that’s okay, because there are plenty of adventures to be had.  

Yesterday, we rode the golf cart to the park.

He had fun, but before long, he was ready to move on. So, we came back home and went inside for a snack, 

which he decided to feed to Piper.  

There is plenty to do inside…

things to figure out,

and piddle with…

things to ride, and 

shows to watch.

But the thing that can occupy him the most at my house is

is the chickens. And you KNOW that makes me proud.

Everything about the barn seems to interest him, and that’s fine with me because I like to hang out there myself.

He’s still a little bit cautious when it comes to the turkey.  I can’t say that I blame him, since she is about as big as he is.

But, he’s figured out how to watch her

and still feel like he can have the upper hand.

And now you’re six

Mammy Camp is going well.  We do different things, depending on the weather.

Sometimes we feed the animals.  Sometimes,

we just visit with them.  We go on walks and 

find sticks to throw for Piper and Jasper. 

We started eating lunch at Mammy Camp.  Today we had gumbo.  When I told Josie what we were having, she said, “I used to like gumbo, but now I don’t. Besides, I’m not a very good eater.”  I said that if she ate her gumbo, she could make a necklace,

and that took care of that. 

Wednesday we had spaghetti. Josie noticed that the little fork she was using had three prongs. Then she asked how many my fork had.  I showed her my fork and she started to count.

“One, two, three, four.”  Then she said, “I used to be three, but now I’m four.”  I replied, “That’s right. And I used to be four, but now I’m not.” She looked at me and said, “That’s right. Now you’re six.” She was close…give or take a zero.