Trouble following orders

This morning when I went over to keep the boys, they were sitting at the table eating breakfast. They were having a banana that had been sliced and divided onto two plates.

They really weren’t much interested in their little meal, so when Josh told them to eat everything on their plate, Denton took everything off of his and put it on the table. I told him to put it back on his plate and eat it. Pointing to one piece of banana, Denton said, “I can’t eat that…it has mud on it!”

And he didn’t eat it.

Later we went outside. They went into the dog pen and I gave them orders NOT to play in the dog’s water. Of course, that was the first thing that Hudson did. I fussed, repeated the orders and walked back toward the house. Hudson went right back to the water. I fussed, repeated the orders a little louder and walked back toward the house. When I went back to check, this is what I saw.

And I overheard Denton saying, “Hudson, you know what you Mammy said!”