All is well except…

We got back from our trip Monday evening around five and the rest of the week has been fairly laid-back.  Joel’s sister, who came to keep his mother company while we were away, left yesterday.  It was good to get to visit with her.  There were daylily people here this week

digging, washing

and labeling plants

for their club’s sale table at their big meeting this weekend.  And while this was going on

I got to hang out with Josie.

I’ve gotten interested in using essential oils,

so I’ve been studying my new book.

As you know, I will be in Alaska in January.  I have been promised protection from accidental cryogenic suspension by Mom, aka The Grouchy Old Woman.  So, all I have to worry about is my camera equipment.

So, I’ve been researching how to take care of my equipment in cold weather.

Yesterday, I built a combination feeder for the goats.

It holds both hay and grain.  It will probably eventually hold a small goat,

Jasmine likes to stand in the feed trough.

All is well on the home front except for one thing.

Joel planted pansies the other day and the chickens just can’t help but dig them up. So, I’ve been patching holes and locking up chickens.  I knew I was in trouble when Josh called to me from the front porch saying ,” Mama, you best get in the front yard.”  Bless his heart, Joel didn’t say a word……..but, he didn’t have to.