Sure wish I’d known

Today Joel had to go to Lowes to pick up some tin that he had ordered. I went with him and so did the twins.  Hudson found a penny in the back seat and of course, Denton had to have one too.  So Joel and I dug around in the front for loose change.

photo (17)

Denton wound up with a quarter, a dime and a penny.

photo (16)

Hudson wound up with a quarter, a nickel and a penny.  I helped them to add up their change.  Hudson didn’t like it that Denton had five more cents than he did, but I assured him that his nickel was much larger in size than Denton’s dime and that seemed to make him happy.

Then Hudson said, “Is this a quartiger?” “A what?”, I asked.  “A quartiger.” I looked and said, “No, that’s a picture of a bear on your quarter.” Then he noticed that the bear had a fish in it’s mouth. I said, “Let me look at your quarter and see which state it represents.” I told him that it represented the state of Alaska.  Excitedly, he said, “Wow, this quarter is worth Alaska! I’m going to Alaska!”

As you know, in seven weeks I will be in Alaska.  I bought my plane ticket in October. I sure wish I had known about that quarter back then!