And that was the end of that

I stayed outside all day today…well, except for when Mrs. Pattie Monk and I went over to the cement pond for our water ballet lessons.

I burned brush piles,

watered one of Joel’s gardens,

mowed under the fruit trees,

and mowed a little behind the pond.
Later in the evening, I decided that I would eat out. For me, that means cooking and eating outside. So…..

I retrieved some worms from my worm bed,

and went to the little pond on the south side of the property to catch my supper…

with success I might add.

Donna joined me and before long, we had dinner for two.
Then we came back to the house and cleaned those babies (because that’s what they were)

and cooked them over a fire that we had prepared.

We threw a few ears of corn on the fire too.
The food was good. The company was good. The evening was pleasant…until the mosquitos discovered what we were doing. And that was the end of that.

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