Hanging out with the girls

We’re still “enjoying” ninety degree weather here in Woodworth, Louisiana. But yesterday, there seemed to be a hint of Fall in the air. The humidity didn’t seem AS BAD, and there was a gentle breeze…very gentle. So, I spent my morning at the barn

doing a little light barn cleaning.
While Lyndsay was here, I purchased

ten Blue Laced Wyandotte pullets. The man at the feed store said that I could not show them because this variety has not yet been accepted into the A.P.A., but I assured him that I only intended to show them to my neighbors.
Well, now they are teenagers,

and are living in Rose’s bedroom until they are ready to be put with the adult chickens.
Rose has been patient,

but I think she’s ready to have her room back.
Anyway, after I had done my light barn cleaning, on that beautiful day with a hint of Fall in the air, I decided to spend some quality time with the girls.
I sat in the doorway of their quarters

and watched as they ate dead bugs that they had not been able get to when the gate was closed.
As they got used to my presence,

I was able to make friends

with a few of them.
I had forgotten how relaxing it is to ‘chill with the chickens’.
People say that chickens are nasty…..but from my experience, they don’t want you walking around on their floor with dirty feet. As a matter of fact,

they are even willing

to clean them for you…if you can take it.